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Klondike and Her Ice Cream Cones Will Melt Your Heart

Written by: Kimberly Ring

Klondike and Her Ice Cream Cones Were Treated With a Cherry On Top!

From Project Reach Out, to foster, to adoption... and everything in between! On August 22, 2019, AHS team members visited the Humane Society of the White Mountains to transport pets back to the Arizona Humane Society. Through our partner assistance program, Project Reach Out, when space allows, we are able to accept dogs from other animal welfare agencies throughout the state that are running out of kennel space. One of the dogs selected that day was Klondike, an Australian Cattle Dog mix, who was a major sweetheart... and very pregnant. AHS Foster Hero Taylor welcomed Klondike into her home and gave her a safe, calm space to await the arrival of her puppies. Within nearly three weeks, nine beautiful puppies were born in Taylor's home! Klondike was a natural and got right to work by nursing and cleaning her little furry bundles of joy. The next nine weeks kept Taylor on her toes - the puppies were growing bigger seemingly by the minute, Klondike was letting her personality shine more and more, and Taylor's own three dogs were having a blast with their new pack members! As if she weren't busy enough, Taylor organized weekly photo shoots with the Ice Cream Cones to share their progress on AHS' Facebook and Instagram accounts with #KlondikeAndCones fans. On Tuesday, November 12, Klondike and her Ice Cream Cones were placed up for adoption after being spayed/neutered and given one final check up. Four loving families (plus Klondike's new family) who had been following their story for the past two months were waiting to meet the puppies when our doors opened, and each adopted their new best friend! We were so happy to see these perfect puppies find loving homes so quickly and with such amazing families.


November 12, 2019