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From Trash To Treasure – The “Famous 5” Get Their Happy Ending

Written by: Kimberly Ring
Krimm and JezebelIt was a sweltering July evening when Phoenix Police Officer Heather Krimm responded to a call and found five kittens, just days old, covered in trash in a dumpster. Being an animal lover and advocate, Officer Krimm didn’t think twice about fostering the litter until they were old enough to be spayed, neutered and adopted. The first two weeks required bottle feedings around the clock and several more weeks before the kittens could be moved to eating solid foods. After 10 weeks in the care of Officer Krimm, the litter of five kittens (Jezebel, Calico Jack, Zen, Marilyn and Thomas), affectionately known as Krimm’s Kitties, have found loving new homes. Officer Krimm had become so attached that she even adopted two of the kittens, Jezebel and Calico Jack! Zen and Thomas went home together and now live in Scottsdale whereas Marilyn now resides in Glendale. A huge thank you to Officer Krimm for all she does for our community and the animals living in it! Interested in adopting an adorable kitten or cat in need? Browse our online adoptable cat profiles! Krimm kitty day
October 9, 2014