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Kitten Saved From Car Engine Recovers In Foster Home

Written by: Kimberly Ring
Kitten-FosterKarin Graham’s morning drive to work is usually uneventful. However, one day in April changed all that as she unknowingly became part of an amazing AHS rescue story.   Stopped at an intersection, Karin, an AHS staffer, noticed a lone kitten in the middle of the road. Calling to it, the kitten ran toward her, around her, slid under the car and jumped up into the engine to hide. Karin called AHS’ Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™, who raced to the scene.   Two hours of determination later, a one-pound, 13-week-old kitten was pulled from the engine. Underweight and scared, she needed a little TLC before she was ready for adoption. Karin knew fate brought them together, so she quickly offered to join our foster hero program and nursed the kitten back to health in her own home.   The kitten soon earned the name Boogie, because she never stopped moving and playing. She is the friendliest cat Karin has ever met and everyone adores her. Out of all the engines in that intersection, Karin was glad Boogie chose hers.   Boogie is now nearly ready for her special adoption day and already has a family interested in offering her a happy forever home.   To learn how you can join our foster hero program and help pets like Boogie, visit our foster hero page.
May 8, 2014