[sliceshow id="20303"] Little, 4-month-old Evergreen’s trip up a tree turned into more than a short adventure when the daring domestic shorthair got stranded 50 feet off the ground for more than a week.   After hearing the kitten’s cries for help, a neighbor contacted our Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™, who teamed up with the Phoenix Fire Department for a harrowing rescue attempt. The rescue crew deployed a tall ladder and then had to climb a few additional branches to reach the scared kitty, who was lethargic and dehydrated after his ordeal.   Evergreen was brought to our Second Chance Animal Hospital™, where he was given fluids and nursed back to health.   After a few days of recovery, Evergreen went up for adoption and found a loving home in Phoenix, where he can continue exploring the world – hopefully at lower elevations.   Every day, our EAMTs and Second Chance Animal Hospital are called on to rescue and save the lives of animals throughout the Valley. You can support these life-saving programs and help make a difference for other homeless pets just like Evergreen with a donation today.
March 17, 2015