A Stuffed KONG Can Keep Your Dog Occupied, Provide Mental Stimulation, and Serve as an Outlet for Your Dog’s Energy.

A KONG is a hard, rubber, snowman-shaped toy with a small hole on top and a large hole on the bottom. This wonderful chew toy can go a long way toward alleviating mild separation issues and boredom or slowing down a fast eater. Choose the right KONG for your dog based on his or her size. Tiny dogs should enjoy small KONGs, small dogs should enjoy medium-sized KONGs, and so on. They can be stuffed with treats and ingredients that are safe for dogs to eat, such as peanut butter, bananas, jerky treats, etc. (click here for more information on pet poison prevention). Get creative and show your pups you love them with a stuffed KONG!     How to stuff a KONG
  1. Plug the small hole with a chewy treat or peanut butter.
  2. Stuff dog food or treats inside of the KONG through the large hole. The stuffing should be well-packed so that your dog has to work for it, but not so tightly stuffed that your dog will give up. For dogs who are new to KONGs, make it easy at first by packing loosely and leave a cookie sticking out of the large hole to gain his or her interest.
  3. Plug the large hole with more peanut butter, spray cheese, or a larger treat to keep the stuffing inside.
  4. Give the stuffed KONG to your dog when you leave the house or hide it for a fun game!
KONGsicles (frozen KONGs)
  • Puppy KONGsicles: Moisten your puppy's kibble with water, stuff it in the KONG, and freeze it overnight. He or she will have a fun, energy-expending breakfast the following morning.
  • Do the mash: Try various combinations of canned food, gravy, noodles, rice and mashed potatoes mixed with kibble, and freeze.

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September 26, 2018