kittie cozieAre you a crafter looking for ways you can support AHS’ homeless animals? We have the perfect project for you! Our cats often get stressed out quickly in a new environment, but if we provide them with an item that smells like them and follows them everywhere, they become more comfortable until they find their forever homes. That’s where you can help!   We are seeking individuals who would be willing to purchase materials and create kitty cozies to donate to our feline friends. Kitty cozies are small fleece blankets that are given to our cats as soon as they enter our shelters and then remain with them throughout their stay. Your cozies will even go home with our cats once they are adopted!   What you will need: • Sharp scissors • Three-inch by three-inch square piece of cardboard (template) • Two pieces of fleece fabric, 16 inches x 26 inches each   Instructions:
  1. Begin by aligning the corners of two pieces of fabric as much as possible (trim excess).
  2. Place your three-inch by three-inch template square at one of the corners and cut out the corner of the fabric. Repeat this on the remaining three corners.
  3. Cut strips about one inch apart in the fabric beginning at one corner along the side of the blanket until you reach the next corner and continue this on the remaining three sides. Do not cut the strips longer than your template cut out (three inches long).
  4. Go back to the first strip and tie a knot in the two pieces of fabric, place the top strip over the bottom strip to make the first knot, then repeat the knot using the bottom strip on the top to make the knot (this is important when using two different colors of fabric to ensure the bottom color ends up visible against the alternate color).
  5. Continue this until all the strips are now double knotted and your blanket is complete.
  Kitty cozies can be dropped off at any of our valley wide locations.   **We have found the most cost effective way to buy large quantities of fleece is to purchase a king size fleece blanket instead of purchasing fleece from the fabric store. You will receive more fabric for your dollar.
July 21, 2015