Baxter Was a Special Boy Who Was Looking for a Special Home.

When 7-year-old Baxter the Boxer arrived at AHS’ Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™, it was clear that he was going to need a very special family who could commit to the ailments that come along with being a senior pet.
Baxter was called a “silver fox” and a “super senior,” but this handsome pup did not let a few gray hairs stand in the way of finding true love. He was searching for a loving family to spend his golden years with and call his own, and made sure to impress each new person he met at AHS by greeting them with a paw shake – he was truly the epitome of a gentleman! Call him old fashioned, but in Baxter’s world, this is just plain, good manners.

Once in AHS’ Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™, it was discovered that he was facing some senior pet ailments, including arthritis, ataxia (periodic wobbliness in the hind) and a few dermal masses. However, Baxter never once lost the pep in his step and enjoyed every minute of walking and hiking with his Foster Hero.


When the time came to find Baxter a furever home, his friends at AHS were determined to find the perfect family who could commit to his ongoing medical needs. His story was shared with people across the Valley in hopes that just the right Boxer or senior pet lovers would come forward with interest in adopting him.

In no time at all, the Davis family scheduled a meet-and-greet with Baxter and their own senior Boxer… and it was an instant love connection! We are overjoyed to share that Baxter has been adopted and being given all of the love in the world in his new home in Scottsdale. Congratulations to Baxter and his new family!

April 15, 2021