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Good Samaritan Carries Shot 47-pound Pit Bull Down Arizona Mountain

Written by: Kimberly Ring
[caption id="attachment_9720" align="alignright" width="224"]Andi first discovered Elijah clinging to life on an Arizona mountain top. Andi first discovered Elijah clinging to life on an Arizona mountain top.[/caption]
[caption id="attachment_9719" align="alignright" width="225"]Elijah is reunited with those who saved his life. Elijah is reunited with those who saved his life.[/caption]
When Andi Davis went on her typical hike near 14th Street and Dunlap she never expected to encounter a dog clinging to life on the mountain.   Initially scared since she was uncertain of the breed, Andi put those feelings aside and immediately went for her water bottle. In doing so, the injured  2-year-old pit bull lifted his head for a drink of water. Looking around for help, Andi realized she was on her own and did what any Good Samaritan would do. She loaded the 47-pound pit bull into her arms and spent the next hour carrying him the steep ½ mile down the mountain where her husband and 10-year-old daughter met her.   After searching for where to go for help, they brought the injured dog, now named Elijah, to AHS where our Second Chance Animal Hospital veterinarians began to examine the motionless dog. Vets found an open wound on the left side of his chest and X-rays revealed bullet fragments in his shoulder and a bullet in the middle of his neck. AHS vets prescribed antibiotics and pain meds and determined the best course of treatment was to observe Elijah’s progress as opposed to removing the fragments, some of which are close to the spinal cord, which could cause irreparable damage to the nerves.   After dropping Elijah off at AHS, the Davis family knew he was meant to be theirs and the first time Elijah saw 10-year-old Jessi again it was as if they had been best friends their whole lives. Elijah just entered foster care with the Davis family yesterday and he will continue to be observed by AHS’ medical team.   Andi who was once uncertain about the pit bull breed has seen just how resilient and forgiving the misunderstood breed can be. And just in time for Saturday, October 26th's National Pit Bull Awareness Day. Elijah’s story truly goes to show the good in both people and pit bulls and reminds us of the plight of pit bulls in our country. In just the last few weeks our open intake shelter has not only taken in a pit bull who had been shot, but also one whose ears were cropped at home and another who was left to starve and hanging from a door knob.   Join us as we celebrate National Pit Bull Awareness Day this Saturday and honor this amazing breed. You can also make a donation to help AHS care for other abused and neglected animals like Elijah, Brooke and Ryder.   Media Coverage 12 News at 10 pm 3TV News @ 10 pm Fox 10 News @ 10 pm ABC 15 News @ 10 pm   Jessi's Thank You Letter to AHS Jessi Letter      
October 24, 2013