Officials announced on June 9th that 28-year-old Adrian Gonzalez was arrested for felony animal cruelty in the Glendale balcony dog case.

Through the investigative efforts, Glendale Police detectives, working in coordination with the Arizona Humane Society, developed probable cause on the dog owner for animal cruelty.  Glendale Police detectives are submitting one count of a felony animal cruelty charge to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for review on this case.

“This was a horrific and heartbreaking case of animal cruelty,” said AHS President and CEO, Dr. Steven Hansen. “As difficult and heart-wrenching as these cases are, we are grateful that AHS’ field team and our animal cruelty investigators are able to provide investigative support to law enforcement on suspected cases of animal cruelty. We thank the Glendale Police Department and their Detectives for their quick work on this case and we hope it serves as a reminder to people that animal neglect, cruelty and abuse will not be tolerated.” On Sunday, June 5th, at approximately 3:41 p.m., Glendale Police patrol received a call of an animal welfare check at an apartment complex in the 8100 block of N. 61st Ave. for a third story apartment.  Patrol officers arrived only a few minutes after the call was received and could hear the dog in distress. No one was home at the time. The officer called the Glendale Fire Department to use their ladder in order to help the dog. But sadly, the dog died before they were able to get to it. The dog appeared to be a Lab mix puppy.  AHS’ Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ were called to complete a seizure of the dog and begin an investigation into her death. The results of the investigation, which included a necropsy (autopsy), were critical in leading to the eventual arrest. ABC 15: Man Arrested After Leaving Dog on Patio Fox 10: Glendale police submit animal cruelty charge for dog owner AZCentral: Glendale man faces charges after puppy dies on balcony Suspect animal cruelty? Recognize the common signs of animal cruelty or abuse.
June 9, 2016