When Eva first arrived at the Arizona Humane Society, she was just hours away from death. Her tiny body had been overrun by parvo, she could barely even lift her little head, and without help, she was fighting a battle she couldn’t win.   Our medical team was Eva’s only hope. They placed her on a regimen of medicine and fluids, and day after day, Eva’s condition slowly improved. Eventually the 3-month-old puppy was well enough to move out of isolation at AHS and into foster care with one of our compassionate foster heroes, Jill Diamond.   Jill has spent the past several weeks nursing Eva back to health while she prepares for her special adoption day. But now Jill wants to do more to make sure other dogs get the same second chance Eva has.   Each year, thousands of puppies die from Parvo, a highly-contagious, deadly disease, and AHS is seeking funding to open the state’s largest Parvo Puppy ICU. Jill has created a GoFundMe campaign to support our Parvo Puppy efforts and help provide critical medicine, vaccinations and supplies to help other puppies just like Eva.   But the good news doesn’t end there. One of our compassionate supporters, a generous couple from Scottsdale, got wind of Jill’s campaign and has agreed to match each dollar raised through GoFundMe up to $20,000! That means every dollar you donate today, can help twice as many puppies tomorrow!   Please help give a second chance to other puppies who are fighting for their lives with a gift today.   Save-Puppies-Now-Red-Rounded.png
July 9, 2015