We received some very adorable, festive pictures over the holiday weekend from our Facebook friends of their very own beloved pets. With so many adorable faces it was difficult to choose, so difficult in fact, that we ended up choosing a top 11 instead of top 10 this week!   Here are our top 11 photos of the week!   What kind of Easter party is it without your very own welcoming committee? easter1     On Easters we wear pink... easter2     Everybody loves a reason to have candy! easter3     ...and we mean everybody! easter8   Not just bunnies come out on Easter! easter4   What an adorable bunny family photo! easter5   They said I could be anything I wanted to be! easter10   If I stay really still, maybe they will think I'm a lawn ornament too! easter7   ...this is my Happy Easter face. easter12      Bananas is showing her true feelings about having to wear bunny ears. easter9   Ace loves dressing up like his mom! easter11
April 11, 2015