AHS is Celebrating our 60th Anniversary and Offering FREE Cat Exams During the Month of June!

Often times, cat owners don’t recognize issues in a cat because they are predominantly self-sufficient animals. This is a great opportunity to bring your feline friend in and ensure that he or she is healthy and happy!

Make Your Free Appointment Today!

[one_half] Margaret McAllister Brock Veterinary Clinic 1521 W. Dobbins Road Phoenix, AZ 85041 Driving Directions 602.997.7585 Ext. 4000 [/one_half][one_half_last] Marge Wright Veterinary Clinic 1311 W. Hatcher Road Phoenix, AZ 85021 Driving Directions 602.997.7585 Ext. 4001 [/one_half_last]
  • I have a sick cat. Which location should I contact? Please contact our full-service Margaret McAllister Brock Veterinary Clinic. Our Sunnyslope campus is limited to wellness exams, spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations and is not able to offer full medical care for pets at this time.
  • What should I bring? Your previous medical records would be very helpful, but are not required. If possible, a fresh stool sample is also encouraged, but not required.
  • Should I expect any charges? The examination is covered, however, please expect to pay for additional services such as vaccines, medications, and diagnostics. We will provide an estimate before any services are performed.
  • What happens if I need additional care for my cat? The veterinary team will present the owner with an estimate of services that the veterinarian recommends.
  • Can I get any other services done at the same time? When making your appointment, please ask a team member what services can be performed at the same time as the free exam.

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