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FOX 10: Ringworm Foster Heroes Needed for Pets From Suspected Cruelty Case

Written by: Kimberly Ring

News Highlights:

  • AHS has been caring for 13 Chihuahuas ranging in age from 2-7 years, five cats and one rabbit. These pets were removed from a home in Mesa in mid-January by the Mesa Police Department and Mesa Animal Control. Sadly, the pets are testing positive for ringworm.
  • Ringworm is a highly-contagious fungal skin infection, similar to athlete’s foot, that can be spread from animal to animal, animal to human or human to human. However, when treated, the pets will make a full recovery!
  • AHS is currently seeking Foster Heroes to help take in and help treat these pets for ringworm for the next 8-12 weeks. AHS provides all training, support and medical supplies including sulfur for the twice-weekly dips, oral medication, gowns and gloves. Food, treats and toys for enrichment will also be provided.

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