News Highlights:

  • Puppies from the Arizona Humane Society visited various polling sites on Election Day, November 6, 2018!
  • In the stress that the elections and voting can bring, AHS' #PollingPups simply aimed to spread good cheer through kisses and snuggles to voters while they waited in line.

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Meet the 'polling place puppies!' News Staff | November 6, 2018
PHOENIX (3TV/CBS5) - What a great Election Day idea: Bring puppies to the polling places! When casting your vote today, cast you eyes around for some canine cuteness as well. Meeting the polling place puppies. So for those folks stressed out by the long lines or the voting process itself, cuddling a cute pups proved to be soothing to the nerves. "What better way to relieve the stress of voting and the long lines than with adorable, adoptable puppies from the Arizona Humane Society," said Kelsey Dickerson with the AHS. The pups came with two goals in mind:
    1. To lower blood pressure and for people waiting in long lines.
    2. And to hopefully get some dogs adopted.
"It's a great way to let people know that they are appreciated for coming out and voting, and a little bit of stress relief while getting our puppies some socialization before they find their forever homes," said Dickerson. Remember, every vote counts... And so does every furry friend.
November 12, 2018