News Highlights:
  • FOX 10 reports on the spike of distemper cases in the Valley, and how this rise of cases is effecting the Arizona Humane Society, where they’re seeing dog adoptions decrease.
  • According to vets, it is common to see a rise in distemper cases during spring and fall months, but this year, shelters across the state are seeing more cases than usual.
  • Dr. Melissa Thompson, with the Arizona Humane Society, tells Fox 10 that because of this rise in distemper positive dogs, AHS has had to limit the number of dogs they intake, not only to prevent the new dogs from catching this virus, but to also keep the pets already in their care, safe.
  • Currently, all of the dogs at AHS have been tested for distemper, and the dogs that are testing positive, are being quarantined until they receive two negative distemper tests.
  • In shelter settings, distemper can often be hard to diagnose, as sometimes the symptoms appear to only be a common “doggy cold”, and the most effective way to prevent your pet from catching this virus, is ensuring they’re vaccinated.
  • AHS offers $21 vaccinations at their public clinic, on Fridays.
June 7, 2021