More Pets Go Missing Around and On the Fourth of July than any Other Holiday.

July 5th is the busiest day of the year for shelters across the country and many pets, frightened by the fireworks, end up wandering away from home.
Before early celebrations start this weekend, AHS has a few tips to keep pets safe this Independence Day.
  • Proper Identification: Ensure pets have current ID tags and updated microchips. Microchips greatly increase the chance that a lost pet will be reunited with their owner.
  • Keep Cool: The Fourth of July occurs during one of the hottest months, and panicked pets could succumb to heat stroke. Be sure pets have plenty of shade, fresh water, and keep pets off the hot pavement.
  • Keep Pets Indoors and Distracted: With fine-tuned senses, the loud fireworks and bursts of bright flashing lights can frighten pets and trigger them to flee or escape the yard. This can be disastrous on busy streets, especially in the extreme summer heat. Keep pets away from firework displays and avoid taking pets to firework shows. Turn on the radio or TV to distract pets with severe anxiety.
  • Know Pet’s Whereabouts: Do not leave pets unattended in the backyard as the sound of fireworks can send them over the fence or digging to get out. Additionally, unattended food attracts curious pets onto counter tops or in trash cans. Alcohol and many foods found on your dinner plate may be dangerous for pets.
  • Report Pets in Distress: To report signs of animals in distress this summer, please contact AHS' Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ at 602.997.7585 ext. 2073.

Lost and Found Pet Tips