Dear Friend,   My name is Annie Duddy. I am a Docent Volunteer, foster and supporter of AHS. I guess you could say I ended up here for a reason, looking for something meaningful in my life and a way to give back. Giving my time and support to AHS has enriched my life in ways I could not have imagined. But it hasn’t been without heartache.   What we see day in and day out is complex and, many times, very hard. There are about 121 injured, homeless and abused animals who come to AHS every single day. Many have wounds, most are terrified, and all have broken hearts. But for every sad story, every senseless act of cruelty, every bit of suffering, there is a triumph. It’s triumph in the form of a wagging tail, a wet nose, a soft purring and an excited new family.   Annie collarsThe collars you see here represents every foster animal of mine who has healed, walked, played, slept, snored, been loved and given a second chance at life – Susie, Willy, Brinn, Jack, Audrie, Nugget, Tracy, Brooke, Bruce and Margie.   You may think, “how could I ever give them back?” But then you realize the great purpose that they give you, that fostering gives you. My heart fills with joy when I think of the difference that we can make in just one, two or hundreds of lives.   If these dogs or cats could speak to you, I believe they would ask for your help. They’d ask you to become a foster parent and give an injured or ill animal a little extra time to heal before they go up for adoption. They’d ask you to volunteer at one of AHS’ locations and spend time caring, playing with and loving homeless pets while they wait for their forever homes. They’d ask you to help give their furry friends a second chance at life.   On behalf of the Arizona Humane Society and the over 3,400 foster pets cared for last year, I invite you to make a commitment to help homeless animals today! Become a volunteer or foster parent and find your purpose.   Thank you, Annie Duddy
April 23, 2013