famous 5Last July, Phoenix Police Officer Heather Krimm gave a second chance to five kittens when she rescued the tiny felines, just days old at the time, from a dumpster where they had been discarded like trash.   Krimm, a passionate animal lover, then spent the next 10 weeks fostering the kittens until they were ready for their special adoption day. Krimm became so attached, she kept two for herself, while the other three found loving homes throughout the Valley.   It’s been nearly a year since Krimm’s compassionate rescue and all five kittens are doing great in their new homes. Krimm was recently honored for going above and beyond to help animals. Congratulations Officer Krimm and happy birthday to the “Famous 5”!   Learn how you can follow in Krimm’s footsteps and provide a temporary home to pets in need by becoming a foster hero.   Foster-A-Pet-Today-Red-Rounded-button
July 23, 2015