Project 121 Faces - TPTP’s story is a sad one and, unfortunately, all too common.   TP was turned into the Arizona Humane Society as a 3-year-old stray who had wandered away from home and became a victim of animal cruelty.  Brought into our Admissions Lobby, the Welsh Corgi had a large rubber band wrapped twice around his neck and once around his ear, cutting off all circulation. Once removed, it exposed a deep and large laceration. TP was in immense and excruciating pain, and although there was some relief to be had, it took over a dozen stiches and weeks of medication to fully mend his wounds.   While TP was being treated in AHS’ Second Chance Animal Hospital™, AHS’ Alternative Placement team was working diligently to find TP’s owner. Days later, they were thrilled when they finally received the news that TP’s owner was looking for him. The following day, TP and his owner were reunited and there was no shortage of tail wagging, butt wiggling and slobbery kisses.   TP is just one of the 121 animals we take in every day at the Arizona Humane Society who rely on us for care, love and a second chance. In return, AHS relies solely on our community’s support to give these pets the happy ending they deserve.   This summer, you can make in difference in the life of an animal like TP through AHS’ Project 121: Action For Animals. Project 121 is AHS’ eight-week fundraising campaign to unite the community in combatting the Valley’s extreme pet overpopulation crisis. Maricopa County ranks second only to Los Angeles County in pet overpopulation, and AHS serves a vital role in rescuing these homeless pets. Donate to Project 121 in honor of TP  The Facts: • AHS takes in an average of 121 animals per day. That equates to an animal every four minutes and more than 44,000 annually. That number increases during the summer months at the end of breeding season. • Pet overpopulation is out of control in our community. Last year, more than 87,000 animals entered Valley shelters. Sadly, less than half found their forever homes. • It costs AHS an average of $315 to care for each pet until he or she finds a home. For many, that number is much higher.   It is a monumental task to provide ongoing medical, rehabilitative, shelter and adoptive services for 121 new arrivals daily. Today we ask your help to make a difference in the life of an animal. Here’s how you can help:   • Make a donation at to help us rescue, feed, shelter and love homeless animals. • Shop at any Arizona Safeway store throughout the month of July and donate to AHS at checkout. • Beginning July 18, join the Online Movement at and rally your friends and family to join your cause. Be sure to swing by our special kick-off reception on July 18 at our Sunnyslope Facility to learn more about taking part in the Online Movement. • Tune in as GoDaddy presents AHS’ Pet Telethon on 3TV August 24th at 12:30 p.m.   Imagine turning away 121 animals a day. We can’t. We won’t. And we need your help. Take action and help save lives.
July 9, 2013