For three days, employees at the Pyle Adult Recreation Center in Tempe kept hearing strange noises coming from the building’s ceiling. Turns out, it was little Libby begging for help.   Libby, a tiny stray kitten just a five weeks old, had managed to wiggle her way into the structure’s walls but couldn’t find her way out.   AHS Emergency Animal Medical Technician™ Andy Gallo was called in to rescue the trapped kitten and a hole was opened in the ceiling. Gallo crawled into the structure and spotted little Libby inside a pillar 10 feet below.   Gallo was eventually able to get to Libby and pull her out. Thankfully, she had no injuries but was hungry and weighed just over one pound. The underweight kitten needed to spend some time in foster care before she was ready to find her forever home, and Gallo came to the rescue again.   The compassionate EAMT is now serving as foster dad to Libby, where he is keeping a watchful eye on her and making sure the curious cat doesn’t get herself into another sticky situation.  
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September 25, 2013