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If You Find a Free-Roaming Kitten, Please Leave in Place

Written by: Kimberly Ring

Found kittens in your yard?

Kitten season is upon us and both our shelter and community will soon experience an influx of our littlest feline friends.   We are asking for your help! It is extremely important that if you find kittens in your yard or neighborhood, please leave them in place. While we all want to help and ensure that these adorable kitties are safe and not in danger, their best chance for survival is actually to remain where they are. Their mother is likely out hunting for food and will soon return. Without their mother to care for them, kittens have less than a 50 percent chance of survival, so it is best that you do not try to move them or bring them to a shelter.   For more information on what to do if you find kittens, as well as tips on spay/neuter, trap-neuter-return and other ways you can help control the Valley’s free roaming cat population, watch our informational video.   Community-Cats video
April 24, 2014