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Dog With Horrible Skin Condition Makes Incredible Transformation

Written by: Kimberly Ring

The stress of malnourishment and fighting to survive on the streets as a stray had depleted Zelda’s immune system.

As a result, the poor dog was battling a horrible case of Demodex mange.Demodex mange

She was almost completely bald and the mange ate away at her skin, causing hair loss, oozing sores and cracked, itchy skin. Easily treated within six to eight weeks, mange in itself is not life threatening. However, it can be considered untreatable for pets entering other animal shelters. Lucky for her, Zelda happened to arrive at the Arizona Humane Society (AHS). In the last three years, AHS’ save rate has approximately doubled and we’ve become a forward-thinking organization. In fact, for the first time in AHS’ nearly 60-year history, the shelter’s overall live release rate is up 80 percent thanks to our many lifesaving initiatives, including a highly-skilled medical team. Demodex mangeVeterinarians in the Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™ cared for thousands of stray dogs last year, many of which had mange. Zelda was put on a medical treatment plan where she received daily baths, medication, and frequent skin scrape tests. Then she was placed in a loving foster home to finish her recovery and of course received lots of love. Now, a little over a month later, Zelda has beaten the odds. She survived. Her beautiful, shiny, soft, brindle fur coat is proof of the amazing care that Zelda received at the Arizona Humane Society. Zelda’s foster mom Heather Daly said “It’s an enormously rewarding experience to help a dog that’s so sick and depressed. Zelda means warrior woman. She’s exactly that. Zelda is a resilient dog who’s good with other dogs and kids, and loves treats, belly rubs, and playing fetch.” Demodex mange  



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AHS serves a unique role in our community, providing leading-edge medical and behavioral care and innovative solutions that are helping us save more lives than ever, even animals who are considered “untreatable” by other shelters.

Today, two of our every three pets who come through our doors receive treatment in our Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital. You can help us continue to save the lives of pets with a lifesaving gift today.

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October 25, 2016