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Doberman Gets Second Chance After Giant Tumor Removed

Written by: Kimberly Ring
lexieWhen Lexie arrived at the Arizona Humane Society, her prospects seemed bleak. She was having severe difficulty using the bathroom, and our veterinarians discovered that she had a mass the size of a basketball in her abdomen.   After testing and observation, however, our medical team determined that Lexie’s tumor was operable and the sweet, 8-year-old Doberman could be saved.   It wasn’t long before Lexie was in surgery in our Second Chance Animal Hospital™, where our experienced vets carefully removed the large tumor and gave Lexie a second chance at life. After several days of recovery, Lexie went up for adoption and quickly found a loving home.   You can help create happy endings for other pets just like Lexie by supporting Second Chance and our other lifesaving programs and services with a donation today!   Make-A-Lifesaving-Gift-Red-Rounded-Button
January 5, 2016