Looking For a Fun and Easy Craft to Cure Summer Boredom? Our Homeless Cats and Kittens Have a Suggestion!

While cats can be notoriously picky for only accepting affection when they want it, they are pretty easy to please when it comes to toys! Sometimes, the best toys for cats and kittens are the easiest ones to make. Kick that summer boredom with your child by making some super easy cat toys! The only supplies you'll need are probably already in your home. Not only will you be recycling otherwise unused toilet paper and paper towel rolls, but you'll also be providing hours of entertainment to AHS' homeless cats and kittens!

What you'll need:
  • Cardboard toilet paper or paper towel rolls
  • Scissors
  • Non-toxic markers for decorating
How to make a cat ring toy:
  • Cut the empty papers tube into .5 inch rings. Just flatten the roll and cut the folded side straight across.
  • Decorate the rings as you wish. Make sure to use non-toxic markers to keep the cats and kittens safe if they decide to chew on the toys!
  • Fit the rings into one another to create a ball. Usually three to a toy will do the trick.
  • Deliver to the Arizona Humane Society! You can deliver your kitty rings toys to either of our locations, Nina Mason Pulliam Campus for Compassion (1521 W. Dobbins Road, Phoenix, AZ 85041) or Sunnyslope Campus (9226 N. 13th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85021).
We know you have many choices about where to complete your service project, so we thank you so much for considering the Arizona Humane Society. We are extremely grateful for your generous service, as together we continue to partner to transform Maricopa County into one of the best places to be a pet.

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July 14, 2017