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Animal Cruelty Case Update: Jail Time and Justice for Baby!

Written by: Kimberly Ring

UPDATE 12/11/18: Baby Goes Home!

We are so happy to share that Baby has finally found the loving, safe home she has been dreaming of! She is now living in Surprise with her new family who is dedicated to earning Baby's trust over time. They tell us that she loves taking walks and snuggling on her favorite spot on the couch. Every so often, her former Foster Heroes and her best buddy Paws come over to visit!

A Viral Facebook Video Reveals a Shocking Case of Neglect. One Year Later, Baby Continues her Remarkable Transformation.

The video was horrific. It showed a frail Labrador mix who was literally skin and bones attempting to stand on her own after being let out of a crate. Viewer discretion is advised due to the cruel condition Baby was rescued in. View video here.

That was nearly one year ago. Today, Baby continues on the road to recovery while the person responsible for her neglect currently serves a 45-day jail term! Up front jail time in cases of animal cruelty are rare, sadly, so this is certainly worth celebrating. As many will remember, Baby weighed just 36 pounds when she was brought to AHS. Her toenails were overgrown, she was swollen, unable to put weight on her back leg and had a laceration under her eye. Tests also revealed that she was living with severe and untreated Valley Fever. Perhaps most heartbreaking was that Baby was extremely shutdown and fearful of everyone. Baby has spent the last 12 months recovering in an AHS Foster Hero home with her best friend and AHS alum, Paws the German Shepherd. While Baby made amazing strides in her foster home, her recovery remains ongoing. Medically, she will likely be on Valley Fever medication for life as well as an anti-anxiety medication and is still learning how to be a dog. “In my seven years at AHS’ trauma hospital, I have seen unbelievable cases of neglect, yet Baby’s case was shocking,” said Dr. Melissa Thompson, AHS’ Vice President of Medical Operations. “The fact that she was even alive was remarkable, yet her prognosis was extremely guarded in the beginning.” Baby has touched the hearts of everyone at AHS and her case has resulted in many sleepless nights, but we are excited to see Baby getting the life she deserves!

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November 16, 2018