Pets generally have a shorter lifespan than their owners. But what happens when your pets outlive you? Have you considered who would care for them with the same love, attention and devotion you have all these years? When you enroll your pets in AHS’ Continuing Care Program, your mind can rest easy knowing your pets will be protected, cared for and loved. Continuing Care is a special benefit provided to Legacy Circle members. Pets who are enrolled in the program and have owners who predecease them, are placed with loving families who have been carefully selected by AHS staff. 363320 (10) How it Works • Decide how you would like to include the Arizona Humane Society in your final giving plans. • Consider sharing your plans with AHS by completing a statement of testamentary provision. • Complete the Enrollment and Agreements forms. • Tell us about your furry friends and how we would best facilitate placement. • Make an appointment to have your pet microchipped (at no charge) at our Sunnyslope Campus. • Share your plans with your family members, friends or personal representative and include your Continuing Care program material with your Will or Trust documents. To learn more about Continuing Care and the Legacy Circle, contact Lori Shepherd at 602.997.7585 ext. 2168 or email
April 13, 2016