When Abby, a 4-pound Chihuahua, found herself stuck to a glue board trap, Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ from the Arizona Humane Society were summoned to the scene. Glue board traps are trays coated with an extremely sticky adhesive. Any animal that touches one of these traps is immediately caught and immobilized - physically stuck to the board.   When EAMTs arrived, Abby had already succumbed to exhaustion and had collapsed face down in the glue and was struggling to breathe with glue lodged in her nasal passage, mouth and eyes. Had she not been rescued in time, she could've suffocated and died.   Knowing that simply peeling the trap off of the small dog's face would cause severe pain and even rip out her fur and/or skin in the process, EAMT, Andy Gallo, tried a more humane approach. He lathered the little dogs face with peanut butter and the peanut oil loosened the glue's deadly grip. EAMT Andy was then able to carefully and painlessly remove the trap from Abby’s small body.   Abby’s face was cleaned up and groomed in the Second Chance Animal Hospital™ and after a few days of recovering, she’s now ready for adoption. She's extremely affectionate, loves to be held and has a great personality that would blend into any household.     Photo Slideshow courtesy of azfamily.com.
August 12, 2015