News Highlights:

  • Grooming can be very stressful for both dogs and humans.
  • AHS is lucky to have well-seasoned volunteer, Lisa Futo, who donates her time and skill to groom our rescue pups who need it most. These dogs typically come in through our Field team, which rescues dogs who often times have not been properly groomed in years. This results in terribly uncomfortable matting and long nails that cause pain when walking.
  • See Lisa in action with Lexie here!

Keeping Your Pet Calm During Grooming | August 21, 2017
For some dogs, getting groomed can be a stressful situation. And the experience can be just as unpleasant for you as it can be for your dog. Trying to keep your dog from making a not-so-clean getaway from the bathtub or the dog grooming salon can be so frustrating, you may be tempted to throw in the towel. But despite the anxiety it can cause, dog grooming is necessary to keep your best friend healthy. Unkempt fur can lead to matting, irritated skin and even infections. “We’ve seen extreme cases where matted fur begins to restrict movement of the legs and bruise and pull the skin,” says Lisa Futo, a volunteer groomer at the Arizona Humane Society. “Ears can become matted down to the side of head, creating a lack of air, and fur in the ear canal can collect debris, creating ear infections.” Cutting dogs’ nails is also an important part of the grooming process. Without regular trimming, toenails can grow into your dog’s skin and make walking, standing or running painful, Futo says. To help make pet grooming a more pleasant experience for you and your dog, try incorporating calming products into your grooming routine and following these tips from expert groomers.
October 5, 2017