ceo fosters pregnant dog

Dr. Steven Hansen Practices What He Preaches

AHS' very own CEO & President, Dr. Steven Hansen, opened his home to a pregnant, homeless dog named Lucy. After a few weeks of care where she was given a comfortable, calm place to rest, Lucy gave birth to a happy, healthy litter of five puppies right in Dr. Hansen's home. Hear all about Dr. Hansen's experience below. ceo fosters pregnant dog"Last week, my family opened our home to a pregnant Cairn Terrier named Lucy so she could have a comfortable space to deliver her five puppies. Some of you have asked, why did you choose to foster Lucy? Quite simply, we believed it was the right thing to do. We felt Lucy would be a good fit with our pets at home and we were confident our family could play an important role in fulfilling AHS’ belief that every pet deserves a good life. It was a remarkable experience, and I was so impressed with the support our Alternative Placement and medical teams provided along the way.Together, we’re saving more lives than ever before."   When you become an AHS Foster Hero, you are giving a second chance to an animal who needs temporary respite from the shelter as they heal from injury or illness. To open your home and become a Foster Hero for pregnant dogs and cats like Lucy, click the button below.

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