lucky-blg-etailsLucky, a two-year-old Bombay, wasn't always so lucky.   In January, our Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ were called to the scene of a cat who had been shot with an arrow, and found Lucky hiding behind boxes in a carport, with the arrow protruding from his side.   We rushed Lucky back to our Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™, where our team of passionate veterinarians came to Lucky’s aid and surgically removed the arrow. X-rays revealed that the arrow had entered Lucky’s side and come back out through his arm pit causing significant damage that unfortunately resulted in the amputation of Lucky’s front-right leg.   But Lucky persevered and after several weeks recovering in our Second Chance Animal Hospital™, Lucky made his way to the adoption floor and quickly found a new, loving home in Chandler.   Sadly, stories of abuse like Lucky’s are all too common. Each day, our EAMTs™ and Second Chance Animal Hospital™ are called on to help abused and neglected animals throughout the Valley. To help support these life-saving programs and give a second chance to other animals just like Lucky, donate today!
March 5, 2015