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Cat Recovers From Apartment Fire Thanks to Compassionate Foster Family

Written by: Kimberly Ring
BellaIn early March, Bella’s life came perilously close to ending when she was caught in an apartment fire. The 4-year-old Tortie managed to escape outside to the back patio, but our Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ found her with severe burns to her fur, paws and whiskers.   Bella was transported to our lifesaving Second Chance Animal Hospital™, where our vets tended to her wounds. After a week, Bella was out of the woods, but she still needed more time heal before finding her forever home.   Enter our amazing foster heroes. Sweet Bella has spent the last several weeks in the care of one of our volunteer foster parents, where Bella is receiving plenty of good meals, engaging socialization and endless love.   Sadly, our medical team recently discovered that one of Bella’s most serious burns, caused when a piece of plastic melted to her skin, wasn’t healing correctly, and she needed to have her leg amputated. Bella will remain in her foster home while she continues to recuperate and work toward her special adoption day.   Bella’s story reminds us of the important role our compassionate foster heroes and volunteers play in the lives of our pets. Whether it’s donating their time to walk a shy dog at our shelter, spreading AHS’ mission of hope at an event or opening their home to provide temporary refuge for an injured cat like Bella, our volunteers help us save lives each and every day.   As we celebrate National Volunteer Week this week, we ask you to make a commitment to homeless pets. Help us give a second chance to pets like Bella. Become a volunteer or foster hero today!   Don’t have time to volunteer or foster but still want to help pets like Bella? Make a lifesaving donation!
April 9, 2014