Mr Kitty1One day three years ago, Mr. Kitty wandered away from his house in Goodyear, and owner John figured he’d seen his feline friend for the last time. Then he received a call on November 12th from AHS’ Alternative Placement Department, claiming Mr. Kitty had been found. The very next day, John was at AHS reuniting with his beloved cat.   “I had given up hope for sure,” John said. “It was like seeing your long-lost kid again.”   Mr. Kitty had been turned in as a stray, but was thankfully microchipped, which led AHS to John. John says Mr. Kitty, who is now 14, is a little thinner than he used to be but is still just as vocal and active as he was before going missing. Mr. Kitty even likes to partake in the same morning ritual he’s always known.   “Every morning when I used to get up to have coffee, he’d jump on the counter and I’d pour some half-and-half into a bowl for him,” John explained. “The very first morning he was here, he jumped right up looking for it.”   Is your pet microchipped like Mr. Kitty? One in three pets will become lost at some point in their lives, and a microchip drastically increases their chances of finding their way back home. You can microchip your pet for just $30 at AHS. Learn more about the importance of microchipping.