Rocky the 10-Month-Old Tabby was Rescued from a Car Engine!

It was a sweltering Arizona day, when AHS Emergency Animal Medical Technician™ Tami Murillo, alongside AHS Behavior Specialist Jason Davis, found themselves on an hour-long car engine rescue. Yet, it is the location of the rescue that is causing quite a stir. An AHS staff member was passing through AHS’ parking lot of the Sunnyslope Campus when they saw a couple scrambling to catch a cat who had escaped from a carrier. The couple had an appointment with AHS’ Admissions team for Rocky and three other cats, due to the number of pets they had been caring for when things went quickly awry as Rocky escaped from his carrier in the parking lot. Rocky, an 11-month-old Tabby, was frightened and took cover in the first place he found… a nearby car’s engine. To make matters worse the temperature at the time was 110 degrees.

Fortunately, AHS’ EAMT Tami was at the shelter and was able to devise a plan to rescue the cat as a half dozen other staff members positioned themselves with towels to jump in should the cat take flight. Once the hood of the car was opened, you could clearly see where the cat, who was panting heavily, was lodged, yet his body was unable to fit through from the top of the car. It was then that Tami and Jason were able to get a leash around his body while also guiding his paws through the bottom of the engine. Once both paws were free, Tami was able to pull the cat safely out of the engine after a nearly one hour ordeal.

Rocky was then rushed to AHS' Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™ for heat stress, his temperature at nearly 106 degrees. AHS vet techs began applying alcohol to the tips of his ears and paw pads as a fan blew on him and within 15 minutes his temperature had come down to 104.6 degrees, after another 15 minutes he was completely cooled to 102.4 degrees. Despite a few minor abrasions no one would guess that Rocky had nearly used one of his nine lives this week. Rocky is quite shy as you can imagine, but after working with our Behavior team, he is now ready for adoption at AHS’ Sunnyslope location, along with his best buddy Road, a six-month-old gray tabby. Due to Rocky’s shy nature, it was determined that both Rocky and Road would do best in a home together and can be adopted for the price of one adoption fee.

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September 14, 2019