Are you a teen who aspires to be a veterinarian?   The Arizona Humane Society is delighted to introduce our first-ever Humane Ed-visor Leadership Intensive Series designed exclusively for teens! Pre-Vet Behavior & Body Language is a six-day series is created to prepare serious students of animals with the tools they need to better understand the behavior of animals for whom they care so deeply.   Teens, ages 13 to 16, are invited to join us on this summer journey as they learn more about the body language and behavior of dogs, cats, birds, horses, rabbits, rodents and more! Our days will consist of visits from our internal staff of extraordinary subject matter experts and behind the scenes visits to other parts of our shelter. Our Humane Ed-visor candidates will engage with and study animal visitors from local, species-specific rescue groups and then put their learning to practice via clinical observations of our own shelter animals.   Sessions run from 12:30 pm until 5:00 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the second and fourth full weeks of June and July, respectively. Sessions I and II are previewed in June and repeated in July. This way, teens can attend both weeks in either month, or mix and match by attending one session in one month and the other section in another. Because our framework is flexible and fluid, teens can attend one day, one week or both weeks and still feel GREAT about their experience!   June Session I - Tuesday, June 11 - Thursday, June 13 June Session II - Tuesday, June 25 - Thursday, June 27 July Session I (repeated) - Tuesday, July 9 -  Thursday, July 11 July Session II (repeated) - Tuesday, July 23 -  Thursday, July 25   Register Now!   For more questions, email or call (602) 997-7586 x1015.
April 5, 2013