Thanks to an AHS Foster Hero, Sawyer, a Blind Kitten is loving life!

Little Sawyer arrived at the Arizona Humane Society with his mom as a newborn kitten in July. The family was sent to one of our loving foster hero homes, where Sawyer could continue to nurse with mom and gain weight.sawyer While in foster care, we noticed that Sawyer’s eyes weren’t opening properly. Our medical team soon found that Sawyer’s eyes never developed. Last week, our skilled veterinarians performed eye surgery to close up the sockets and prevent future infection and discomfort. Sawyer is blind but otherwise healthy. The 11-week-old kitten is a little spark-plug who loves to hop up on the couch, play with toys that make noise and indulge in cuddles when she’s called. She’ll remain with our foster hero for a few more weeks, getting plenty of love, care and playtime, while she prepares for her happy adoption day. Interested in helping pets like Sawyer? Become a foster hero and help give a second chance to an animal who needs temporary respite from the shelter as they heal from injury or illness. Take the first step toward becoming a foster hero by signing up for an orientation today!Register-Now-Red-Rounded
September 24, 2015