It was a chilly mid-December day, when AHS Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ rescued Wesley, a 4-year-old Golden Retriever mix, from a deserted Phoenix alleyway. Completely down and out, everyone who met Wesley fell in love with the blind Golden Retriever.   For the next four months, veterinarians in AHS’ Second Chance Animal Hospital™ treated Wesley’s suspected autoimmune disorder while also performing several surgeries on his injured eyes. Despite those surgeries, vets were forced to remove his eyes due to their inability to function and the pain they were causing him.   Wesley, however, persevered and learned to live life as a blind dog within his amazing AHS foster hero homes. When his special adoption day arrived, he headed north to a half-acre of land with three Labrador brothers.     Every day, the Arizona Humane Society takes in dozens of “before” pets just like Wesley who need help to realize a happy “after” story, and this summer, we’re on a mission to make those happy endings come true.   Join our Summer to Save Lives and help us bring pet’s like Wesley back from death’s door. Make a lifesaving gift today and help give a second chance to more animals with nowhere else to turn.   Join-Our-Mission-To-Save-Pets-Red-Rounded-Button  

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August 13, 2015