News Highlights:

  • AHS' Animal Cruelty Investigators responded to a case on June 14, 2019 in which Benny, a 1-year-old Labrador Retriever mix, was shot in the face as a result of a homicide case in Phoenix.
  • If the bullet had hit Benny a matter of centimeters to the left, he would likely not have survived.
  • Benny was transported to AHS' Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™ where the wound was flushed and cleaned. Thankfully, the bullet did not cause an infection and was carefully removed.
  • Benny is one of the two-thirds of AHS' homeless pets who receive lifesaving care in our trauma hospital. Lifesaving programs like AHS' Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™, Mutternity Suites, Kitten Nursery, Bottle Baby Kitten ICU and Parvo Puppy ICU save the lives of pets routinely euthanized in shelters.

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