Chase was covered in wounds when he was rescued by AHS EAMT Juju. After several weeks of healing, Chase became very depressed and started chasing his tail in the kennel. Tail chasing can often be an OCD behavior or the symptom of a medical issue. The behavior team at AHS tried several options like playgroups and housing Chase with a friend , but nothing seemed to lift Chase’s spirits. Because the shelter is a high stimulation environment, it can be difficult to assess the root cause of behavior issues such tail chasing. So at that point, Chase was placed with AHS foster heroes, Julie and Matt, to explore how he would do in a home environment. After two short weeks in a loving, patient home, Chase perked right up and was rarely chasing his tail anymore. Upon his return to the shelter, he was adopted within 48 hours and went home with a young puppy friend! [one_half] Chase_smiling [/one_half][one_half_last] ChesterandHorse [/one_half_last] chase A516734

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June 14, 2016