legislationAs the state’s leading animal welfare agency, the Arizona Humane Society is spearheading efforts to crack down on puppy mills and large scale breeding operations in Arizona through House Bill 2242.   Referred to as our "puppy mill legislation," the bill conforms the state and federal definition of "pet dealer" to include businesses and residences selling large quantities of dogs for use as pets, ensures that dogs are treated in a humane manner and are healthy at time of sale and prevents purchasers and shelters from incurring unexpected veterinary costs associated with unhealthy puppies.   We are also actively supporting six other animal welfare bills, including prohibiting live animals as prizes, animal abuser registration, a roadside sale bill and more.   For updates on House Bill 2242 and other AHS legislative efforts, visit our advocacy page.   Join AHS as a voice for animals. They are counting on you, and so are we! Together, we can make a difference.
January 29, 2014