The Scene was Heartbreaking.

A frail Labrador mix who was skin and bones attempting to stand on her own after being let out of a crate.
Fortunately, a Good Samaritan took action and rushed the dog, named Baby, to AHS’ Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™. “In my seven years at AHS’ trauma hospital, I have seen unbelievable cases of neglect, yet Baby’s case was shocking,” said Dr. Melissa Thompson. “The fact that she was even alive was remarkable.” Weighing just 36 pounds, Baby’s toenails were overgrown, she was emaciated, unable to put weight on her back leg and had a laceration under her eye. Tests also revealed that she was living with untreated Valley Fever. Perhaps most heartbreaking was that Baby was extremely shutdown and fearful of everyone. Concerned for her mental and physical wellbeing, Baby’s treatment transitioned into a staff office for concentrated rest and human interaction. For weeks, she retreated into the corner when approached and when it was time to move her into an AHS Foster Hero home she had to be carried, flailing and eliminating on herself out of fear. It is now seven months later and Baby’s road to recovery remains ongoing. Medically, she will likely be on Valley Fever medication for life and is still learning how to be a dog.

Baby’s journey showcases a very real side of animal rescue and welfare. Not every animal trusts and not every case resolves quickly. It’s often a long journey and it costs an average of $910 to care for each animal who enters our shelter. The resources put into animals like Baby far exceed this amount, as her care has totaled nearly $3,000 thus far. Yet they are all worth it. Baby is worth it. Make this a summer of love for homeless and hurting animals like Baby by making a donation to our urgent summer fund. Your support will help us save starved, neglected and abused animals right here in our community.

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