News Highlights:

  • AHS' Photo Team does amazing work capturing each adoptable pet's personality through a photo.
  • Alex DeForest and Brian Sterrett can photograph roughly 30-40 pets her hour.
  • Each and every pet is given time to get comfortable in the photo room, a plethora of toys to play with, and lots of love.

Pet adoptions: Why those Arizona Humane Society photos are so adorable Garrett Mitchell, The Republic | | September 25, 2017
Brian Sterrett and Alex DeForest shoot animals for a living. No, not like that. "That was definitely a popular joke when I was in school," said Sterrett, an in-house photographer for the Arizona Humane Society. He and DeForest have snapped thousands of photos of adorable, adoptable dogs, cats and and other critters for the rescue shelter over the last couple of years. They capture the essence of each animal as it unwittingly poses in front of a light-blue backdrop, distracted by the noises, toys or treats the photographers throw their way. "I have the best job. I get to take pictures playing with puppies and kittens all day," Sterrett said. Sterrett and DeForest, the photography coordinator, spend a few moments with each animal before the glamour shots commence. But the job is far from glamorous. The pair can photograph 30 to 40 animals per hour, and each animal is made to feel comfortable. One new arrival, a small gray-and-white kitten, is brought out of its cage and placed on an elevated platform made of PVC pipe enveloped with the same blue material. A gloved DeForest gently pets the kitten's back as it investigates the length of the unfamiliar stage.
September 26, 2017