News Highlights:
  • The COVID-19 pandemic is putting thousands of pets in Arizona at risk of being surrendered to animal shelters by the families who love them, but may be forced to choose between finding a place to live and keeping their pets. It is estimated that between 22% and 39% of renters will be affected, along with an estimated 5,000 pets each month over a four-month period once the eviction moratorium lifts at the end of December.
  • In our commitment of keeping pets and people together, Arizona’s leading animal welfare organizations have partnered to establish the Pet Housing Help AZ Task Force with a goal of collectively offering community-wide solutions for pet owners in need.
  • The task force efforts include expanding internal foster care programs, enhancing surrender and crisis prevention programs, increasing partnerships with human and health service agencies, and developing and launching, a community-wide website featuring resources and a network that connects people in need of help directly with other Valley residents to rehome or find temporary housing for their pets.
  • As the housing situation evolves, we will continue to provide updates as they become available at
January 4, 2021