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Pet Disaster Relief truck and trailer

Arizona Humane Society’s Emergency Response Team Deployed to Gila Bend

Written by: Kimberly Ring
8/19/21 Update: Emergency Response Team Returns Home With Owned Pets In Need of Temporary Foster Placement

After caring for 36 total pets affected by the floods, AHS’ Emergency Response Team has returned home… and with one bird, five dogs, and one mom with 10 puppies pets in tow! A team of six staff members was initially deployed on Saturday, August 14 to set up a temporary pet shelter at the request of Maricopa County Emergency Operations Center. This team provided temporary shelter and veterinary care, as well as decontamination baths to pets who had been exposed to harmful flood waters regardless of whether they stayed at the shelter.< AHS’ Emergency Response Team reunited 20 pets with their families, and five dogs and one mom with 10 newborn puppies have returned to the Valley to be enrolled in AHS’ temporary owned pet foster program, Project Home Away From Home. How can you help? Temporary foster homes are needed for these owned pets while their owners get back on their feet from this unexpected tragedy. Become a Foster Hero today at!

8/16/21 Update: Emergency Response Team Providing Decontamination Baths for Pets Exposed to Flood Waters

Due to the highly unsanitary and unhealthy conditions flood waters can bring, the Arizona Humane Society’s Emergency Response Team is now offering decontamination baths for pets who have been affected by the flood waters, regardless of whether they are staying at the shelter, at its temporary pet shelter located in the gymnasium at the old high school. Those with pets who have been exposed to flood waters can reach AHS’ Emergency Response Team at 602.587.5452. It is critical to offer these services for the health of both pets and the people who own them, as oftentimes flood waters can be contaminated by chemicals, sewage, gasoline, and other substances that can harm animals externally or through ingestion. Any owners who have pets that have been in flood water or contaminated spaces are encouraged to take them to AHS’ temporary pet shelter immediately, whether they are staying there or not, to ensure their pet is properly and safely bathed.

On day three of deployment, AHS is currently providing temporary pet sheltering for 20 dogs, 10 of whom are 2-week-old puppies, and three birds displaced by the flooding in Gila Bend. AHS may also have longer-term temporary housing for pets as a part of its Project Home Away from Home Program. Eligibility for this program will be determined by AHS’ onsite Emergency Response Team after meeting with owners.

For those needing emergency assistance, please call 9-1-1 immediately. For those affected or displaced by the floods and in need of help, visit the American Red Cross at or call 1-800-842-7349.

Available Resources:

Red Cross 

Gila Bend High School (777 N. Logan Ave., Gila Bend, AZ 85337)

Gila Bend Public Information & Assistance Line


The Arizona Humane Society’s Emergency Response Team


AHS Assisting Maricopa County Emergency with Emergency Animal Shelter due to Deadly Floods

As the state’s designated responder for animals in distress during natural disasters, the Arizona Humane Society’s (AHS) Emergency Response Team was contacted by Maricopa County Emergency Operations Center and has deployed today to provide assistance for flooding in Gila Bend.

AHS has initially sent a team of six staff members, including medical and animal care personnel to set up an emergency animal shelter located near the Red Cross facilities at Gila Bend Elementary School, 308 N Martin Ave, Gila Bend, AZ 85337 in the old high school gym. AHS’ fleet consists of its AKC Disaster Relief trailer and box truck full of supplies including pop-up kennels, food, blankets, and medical supplies to provide care to the pets in the temporary shelter’s care.

AHS will remain onsite to assist Maricopa County and the Town of Gila Bend and the people and pets affected until our services are no longer needed. AHS will continue to assess and monitor the situation and provide additional resources as needed. This is AHS’ first deployment for flooding and fourth deployment overall this season.