Moving Arizona's Animal Welfare Legislation Forward

This year’s legislative session is shaping up to be one for the record books.

On one paw, we’re poised to save the lives of countless Greyhounds through legislation that effectively ENDS live racing in Arizona. On the other paw, we’re fighting relentlessly to make sure the state doesn’t roll back the good work our partner cities of Phoenix and Tempe have done to end puppy-mill retail sales in their communities. Thousands of you have helped us tell legislators that irresponsible breeders are not welcome in Arizona. Thank you. And we also want to thank Rep. Kelly Townsend for her leadership preserving the future of the Salt River Horses. The Arizona Legislature passed a bill ensuring they have a future on our wildlands. As this session passes the halfway mark, there’s one thing we CAN guarantee — We are working for you and for ALL animals of Arizona. Stay up to date on the latest in Arizona's  Animal Welfare Legislation. You can see details about the current status of a variety of animal-welfare bills on our Animal Welfare Legislation page.
March 17, 2016