Thursday afternoon, Yarnell resident Fred Eaton came to our temporary shelter in Wickenburg and told us the story of his loving dog Kirkland, who had been left behind when Fred was forced to evacuate the Yarnell Hill Fire.   We assured Fred we’d do everything we possibly could to track down Kirkland, and raced to his residence, where we found Kirkland resting in the shade with plenty of food and water to keep her safe.   We brought Kirkland back to the shelter, where she enjoyed an emotional reunion with Fred and her four-legged sibling, Gerial. When Fred arrived at Kirkland’s kennel, he reached down to pet Kirkland, and with tears in his eyes said “Did you think I wasn’t coming back for you girl?”   The happy reunion continued this morning when Fred stopped by to take both Gerial and Kirkland for a walk and give them a little extra love.  
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July 5, 2013