April is National Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

  The Arizona Humane Society (AHS) and Phoenix Police Department have teamed up to create awareness and education towards April's National Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. The pet health awareness event comes just weeks after a recent string of cockfighting cases right here in the Valley. In less than 2 months, AHS and Phoenix Police have responded to three separate cases of animal cruelty as it pertains to cockfighting.   Sadly, cockfighting is legal in some countries such as India and Mexico, yet here in the United States cockfighting is illegal and hosting a cockfight is considered a class 5 felony. Often times, the roosters used in these fights have had their combs cut to prevent bleeding and to prolong fighting while gaffs or knives are attached to their spurs as they fight for their lives. In doing so, the roosters are often left with severe wounds such as deep lacerations and exposed lungs. In addition, these birds have also been pumped with various drugs such as methamphetamines and strychnine causing them to become hyped up and even more aggressive towards one another.   Last year, AHS’ animal cruelty investigators and Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ responded to a total of 26,756 calls for help. Of those, more than 7,600 were initial calls regarding animal cruelty which required an additional 13,000 follow-up visits by AHS EAMTs. This is a 15 percent increase from 2010-2011.   AHS encourages anyone who witnesses animal cruelty to please call AHS' field dispatch at 602.997.7586 x 2073.   Media Coverage: Good Morning Arizona 8 am Good Morning Arizona 9 am Arizona Nightly News (12 News) Fox 10 Arizona Morning 9 am ABC 15 News 11 am Arizona Republic
April 5, 2013