Double Foster Feature

AHS' Homeward Bound “Foster to Adopt” program gives potential adopters a head start on finding a new furry friend by opening their home to a pet who isn’t quite ready for adoption. When you foster a Homeward Bound pet, you provide a loving home to a pet who is healing from injury or needs respite from the shelter, and then have the opportunity to adopt that pet once they are ready to find their forever family. A Good Samaritan named Debora found Olive as an injured stray with a fractured leg and offered to foster the American Pit Bull terrier mix through AHS' Homeward Bound program. A day later, Debora had already fallen in love with Olive, and once healed, Debora will adopt Olive for good. Buckaroo, a Yorkshire Terrier, was rescued from a drain pipe by on of AHS' Emergency Animal Medical Technicians. The incident left him with a fractured leg. Tricia had been looking for a dog and offered to foster Buckaroo through AHS' Homeward Bound Program.  She plans to adopt Buck once he is healed. [one_half] Debora and Olive [/one_half][one_half_last] Tricia and Buckaroo [/one_half_last]

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