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AHS’ Puppies Ready to Take the Field at Puppy Bowl Cafe

Written by: Kimberly Ring
Animal PlanetAnimal Planet’s PUPPY BOWL CAFÉ will offer a daily dose of cuteness with a live replica of the most anticipated canine event of the year, PUPPY BOWL XI (airs Sunday, Feb. 1 at 1 p.m. on Animal Planet), complete with a football field and photo opportunities. AHS puppies will take to the field every day at 10 a.m. beginning Thursday, January 29 through Sunday, February 1 at The Corner, located at 50 W. Jefferson Street, Phoenix, AZ 85003.   This is a free, family-friendly event you won't want to miss!   Check out our adorable lineup!

Puppy Bowl Cafe Line Up

sophieFrom gilts to glamor, Sophie, the 9-week-old Golden Retriever is all about the game. humphreyHumphrey, a 13-week-old Australian Shepherd, is ready to hit the AstroTurf and show the other pups who is top dog.
tripPut a leash on Trip because the 13-week-old Rottweiler plays hard from the first whistle to the last second of the game. butkusButkus, a 9-week-old American Pit Bull Terrier, has a high level of athleticism and will sack the other pups so his team can make a touchdown.
bonnieBonnie, a 9-week-old Chinese Sharpei, is always in her element and ready to score crucial touchdowns. dobbyDobby, the 13-week-old Rottweiler, won the award for the most valuable player.
lolaDo a spirited victory dance with the 9-week-old Golden Retriever Lola as she scores a touchdown for her team. cleoCleo may be a ridiculously cute 8-week-old black Labrador but she will tackle any pup that tries to prevent her team from getting to the end zone.
A503119During his last game, the ref called an excessive cuteness penalty on Brady an 8-week-old Chow/Border Collie. A501527Nancy, a 9-week-old American Pit Bull Terrier wants more "in game nap time" and she tuckers out quickly after a sprint down the field.
A501525After 10 days on the bench in a foster home, Sheldon's paw is healed and he's ready to hit the field and get into the action. A501621The crowd roars with excitement as Ty, a 13-week-old German Shepherd trots into the end zone.
A503115Russell, a 13-week-old Labrador will rush the field, tackling any other pup that stands in his way. A501526Clyde, a 9-week-old American Pit Bull Terrier will intercept the other pups to help his team out.
A503127Brutus, an 8-week-old German Shepherd, is a pro at punting the ball. A503116Tom, the 8-week-old Labrador always has a plan of action to move the ball down the field and score touchdown for his team. 
A503121Wilson isn't a dirty player, the 8-week-old Labrador just likes to get muddy PumpkinPumpkin, 16 weeks, can be sweet as pie, but try to take out one of her teammates and she will tackle you on the spot.
Panda16-week-old Pandy uses that crazy little hairdo of hers to distract her opponents…always resulting in a two-point conversion. RokcyRocky, 16 weeks,  is a fast little pup who lives for the onside kick… and a loving family to call his own.
OlafThere is something to be said for being mini yet mighty. 16-week-old Olaf saves it all for the field. 502671From an abandoned storage unit to the Big Game, 11-week-old Gretel, just wants Hansel by her side.
 502672Sometimes distracted by the cheerleaders, Hansel is always quite the ladies man.

Check back soon for more roster additions!
January 21, 2015