Halloween is near, but the ghoulish fun can be downright frightening to your pets. Before you don the spooky costumes and decorations, please remember these pet safety tips:

  KEEP PETS INDOORS • Confine cats and dogs to a secure room with food, water, toys, a litter box and bedding to isolate them from frightening sights and sounds. • Pets may be frightened by costumed children at the door, which can lead to aggressive or protective behavior. • Pets can easily escape through the constantly opening/closing door and you may not even realize it. • Pets may become the victims of animal cruelty - keep a close eye on pets during the Halloween season.   KEEP CANDY AWAYS FROM PETS • Candy can upset your pet’s digestive system and candy wrappers and foil are choking hazard to cats, dogs and domestic rabbits. • Keep pets away from chocolate, which is toxic and can be fatal.   MAKE SURE YOUR PET HAS CURRENT I.D. • AHS recommends a microchip, complemented by a collar and I.D. tag with a current address and telephone number. By law, dogs aged three months and older must have a current Maricopa County license. • If your pet gets lost, visit AHS’ Sunnyslope location at 9226 N. 13th Ave. and both locations of Maricopa County Animal Care and Control. Also, visit www.petfinder.com and www.petharbor.com.   DON’T LET PETS ACCOMPANY KIDS ‘TRICK-OR-TREATING •Costumed children may have a difficult time handling a dog leading that pet to run away and/or dart into traffic.   THINK TWICE ABOUT PUTTING A COSTUME ON YOUR PET • If your pet is frightened or uncomfortable, don’t make him wear a costume - try for a quick photo opp instead. • Be sure the costume fits. Too big? Pets may get caught up and suffocate or be strangled. Too small? It may interfere with your pet’s circulation or breathing. Never leave a pet in a costume unattended.   USE CAUTION AROUND JACK-O-LANTERNS AND OTHER DECORATIONS The flame inside a pumpkin may attract curious pets who could get burned. Also, a pet may tip it over and spark a fire. Some decorations may pose a choking hazard for pets or get stuck in a pet’s intestines if ingested.   CALL THE ARIZONA HUMANE SOCIETY FOR HELP! • To report a suspected case of animal cruelty, call AHS at 602.997.7585 Ext. 2073.  
October 22, 2013