Three Members of AHS' Medical Team Put Their Medical Skills to Work for Pets Displaced in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey

As Best Friends Animal Society spearheads animal relief efforts in Houston, our team and countless compassionate volunteers from across the country are working tirelessly to care for nearly 400 dogs and 100 cats. On September 18th, AHS veterinarian Dr. Carlson and veterinary technicians Michelle and Bobby, all members of AHS’ Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™, traveled to Houston to assist Best Friends in their sheltering operations. Due to their medical background of caring for sick and injured pets in AHS’ trauma hospital, they spend their days treating, medicating and examining hundreds of animals. Our small but mighty team has joined nearly 50 staff members from Best Friends who traveled from L.A., Salt Lake City, and Kanab, Utah as well as a constant rotation of up to 150 volunteers per day. “Everyone here appreciates having volunteers with shelter medicine experience. It has been an amazing opportunity to be able to assist and help give these animals the care that they deserve,” said AHS veterinary technician Bobby Mazerbo. The shelter is located at Pet Reunion Pavilion, which is part of NRG Arena, a sports complex that includes the home of the Houston Texas NFL team. The Pet Reunion Pavilion aims to reunite pets who were displaced by the storm with their families, though they have also taken in pets from other shelters who were over capacity or no longer functional. The animals currently remain on hold in the hopes that they can be reunited with their owners. Other shelters in the area are slowly but surely re-opening their doors, and eventually the Pet Reunion Pavilion could transfer the pets in their care to them. Pets are also being welcome by shelters and rescue organizations outside of Texas, including a group of 15 cats who were transferred to Colorado last night. While AHS has offered to take in pets from the disaster, it may be some time before it is determined whether or not any pets will be coming to Arizona. To learn more about how you can help, visit Best Friends Animal Society's Hurricane Harvey page.

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September 21, 2017